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What is VMart Token


VMart token is community owned ERC20 token underlying Vmart Technology Inc’s Konectible mobile app platform. With 20 billion in total supply, early adopters could purchase as low as $0.00025 from special offer. Konectible mobile app allows anyone become content creator to charge Konectible points paid by fans for personalized video, direct message, private chat and 1to1 call in from fans club live streaming. VMart tokens and Konectible points are interchangeable and VMart tokens can be traded in decentralized crypto exchange QuickSwap.

VMC Contract Address :


Click link below to view on polygonscan.com: 



VMart token is a community owned ERC20 token, with its very own Live24 social mobile app platform as the underlying technology asset.   VMart’s mission is to build a high growth token community driven by premium social contents.  

You can go to decentralized exchange UniSwap to purchase VMC Tokens.   Simply enter the following URL on the browser: https://quickswap.exchange/#/swap?theme=light&inputCurrency=0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619&outputCurrency=0x715c218A882bb4fa3627D4CE15a6324716D3CDFA&exactAmount=0.05&exactField=input

You can also visit our homepage and make purchase on the custom UniSwap window.  

VMart Tokens can be exchanged for Live24 Points, which can then be redeemed to unlock premium video contents and other premium app features 

First of all your interest is greatly appreciated !  You can help VMart grow by promoting its website, its Uniswap link or follow and retweet VMart’s twitter account at https://twitter.com/VMartTech

Konecteum Reward points will be awarded to incentivize user growth and platform vibrancy, until the total user base reaches 10 million.  When the threshold of 10 million users is reached:

  •  For each awarded Social Reward point, a matching Social Reward point will be distributed to VMC token holder.  In other words,  Max supply is determined by the speed at which user base grows.  Half of max supply is reserved for VMC token holders.  
  • Free issuance and distribution as award will end when the threshold is reached. 
  • Social Reward Points are also purchase-able with fiat currency through PayPal payment link below: 

Please follow attached tutorial PDF below on how to check real-time VMC token price and how to set up my MetaMask wallet to purchase VMC tokens:  

VMART – VMC Purchase Flow

You can purchase AIGC Gallery NFT by 

  1. Navigate to https://www.vmart.io/gallery/, make your selection and make payment via Square. 
  2. Make payment via PayPal at following payment links:
    1. https://www.vmart.io/featured-paypal/
    2. https://www.vmart.io/featured-paypal/
    3. https://www.vmart.io/featured-paypal/