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VMart DAO Pioneer NFT

Pioneer NFTs are capped at 10,000 units worldwide, with a price of $999. After six months the NFT can be redeemed with 1 ct G color VS2 lab grown diamond, and then be burned, so the total number will subsequently be reduced.


Everyone can join Konectible for free and earn reward points simply by checking into app once on a daily basis, and remind your teammates to do the same.   Join early or bring more teammates to earn more. We will not rest until 10 millions of people get connected and reward points will be converted to crypto tokens for public trade.

Everyone can become a creator to publish either public or member-based content, as well as serving customized video, personal DM, 1 to 1 private chat or NFT digital product for fans to collect and charge them cash points.  The cash points later can be redeemed to VMart tokens (VMC) and traded in Defi exchange QuickSwap at any time.